Vision of Cozy: A Remodeling Story

Every once in awhile, life hits us with an itch.  An itch to update and clean out.  Our vision here at Brick Gables has never been to be ‘trendy’.  Trends and fads will come and go.  ‘Classic’, ‘refined’ and ‘timeless’ are a few words that came to mind when we decided to update and remodel some key areas in the barn.

If you’re thinking, ‘Oh no! We loved the old look!’  Rest assured!  We have held strong in that tradition while keeping older photographs showing the progression of the barn over the past 2 centuries and yet incorporated with that some new (to us) pieces that still keep it comfortable, yet classy.

Our main vision included soft and neutral colors, heavy on greys and white, while adding in greenery, some blush tones and navy.  We wanted to keep it feminine, but also comfortable, so that the average groom doesn’t feel out of place.

A cozy spot to sit upstairs.

Upstairs lobby.

Downstairs lobby, outside of Zig’s Bakery and Café.

To help us bring our visions into reality, we hired the incredibly talented Betsy Basom.

Betsy picked up on our vision and was able to help us transform Brick Gables into this stunningly cozy and welcoming space that makes you want to just hang out here forever.

We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

A cozy little corner with some great lighting.

We wanted to keep our colors neutral, but welcoming so as not to clash with a couples wedding colors.

Betsy incorporated greys and navy, as well as a ton of white to keep the colors neutral.

A gorgeous mirror brightens up the contrasting grey on the walls.

Lititz is such a huge part of our heritage and lives here that we felt we had to incorporate that into our décor.

Greenery is another focal point and brings in so much warmth to our space.

Some botanical prints with white frames brighten up this corner.

And another cozy space to sit for a spell.

As a family business, we work very closely with our downstairs neighbors, Zig’s Bakery and Café. We wanted their input in the design and they resoundingly said ‘MORE SEATING!’

Change can be uncomfortable.  Accepting new ideas and new things is hard.  But we can honestly say that we are so thrilled and inspired by this space that we get to call our ‘home’!

What do you think?  Have you stopped by recently?  What’s your favorite area in the newly remodeled spaces?

A shot of the barn long before it became a wedding venue.

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