The First Dance

There are so many major decisions that need to be made for your big day. The checklists never end and there are a variety of options for every single aspect of your wedding. How do you narrow it down? How can you possibly choose? If you’re like me, it’s probably best if there are very few options to choose from. The first dance is one of the many decisions you need to make!

Luckily, Spotify did some work for you and analyzed ‘first dance’ playlists to find the top ten of all time!

(I made you guys a little infographic to make it more fun.)

You can listen to them here!

Thinking Out Loud: Ed Sheeran

At Last: Etta James

You Are The Best Thing: Ray LaMontagne

All of Me: John Legend

A Thousand Years: Christina Perri

Make You Feel My Love: Adele

I Won’t Give Up: Jason Mraz

Everything: Michael Buble

Better Together: Jack Johnson

Amazed: Lonestar

These songs are classic, and basically scream ‘play me at your wedding!’

The first dance moment is so special. It’s an opportunity to finally relax from the stress of your ceremony and enjoy one song as bride and groom, officially wed and starting a brand new journey together. 

Elina Hope Photography

This is the song that you will play for years to come, and every time you hear it, it will take you back to this very special day. So, choose a song that best represents your relationship with your significant other!

If you’re thinking, ‘Yikes! I don’t know how to dance!’ Have no fear! There are plenty of dance classes that you can take. Or maybe a traditional slow dance with your spouse just isn’t really fitting for the two of you. That’s okay too! Spice it up and choreograph a fun hip-hop dance that will have all of your guests laughing. Or take the easy route and hit up Youtube for some inspiration!

This moment is all about the connection between you and your newly-wed spouse! So if you’re afraid of dancing in front of all of your guests, shake it out. And if you’re not sure which song to choose, just try picking out a few words that sum up your relationship and look for those words in lyrics!




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