2017: A Year in Review

Welcome to 2018! I hope this year brings you lots of warmth and joy!

But first…let’s rewind, to the year of 2017! We can’t believe how fast it seemed to fly by. The year began with Katie & Josh in January. It was a great way to start the wedding season with a wintery, yet cozy feel, scattered with beautiful bursts of blush, gold, gray, and maroon. 2017 ended with Austin & Hannah in December. Their big day was a very laid back and family-friendly event, topped with games on every table! Everything in between those weddings was an absolute whirlwind of beautiful decor, wonderful people, and joyous celebration.

That being said, there are so many highlights from 2017 that we need to share! And of course if I could, I would compile a little piece of everyone’s wedding into one, but this blog post would end up being ridiculously lengthy. Instead, I asked our wonderful team what their FAVORITE wedding memory was of 2017.

Heather’s choice:

Megan and Chris, who got married in June 2017 was my favorite wedding! There were so many elements that made their day so romantic. Chris was in the U.S Marines, so he was away basically the entire time the wedding was being planned by Megan. The love that these two had for each other was undeniable on their wedding day. They cherished every moment that they had together and could not keep their eyes off one another. My favorite part of so many weddings is that beautiful soul connection that you get to see between two people.


Photos by David & Sarah


Erin’s choice:


My favorite moment from 2017 was Austin and Hannah’s first look moment. There is something so special about the groom seeing the bride for the first time in her wedding dress. As Hannah approached Austin, you could feel the excitement in the room. As soon as he saw her, a magical moment was exchanged and tears of joy were streaming. It gave us all chills to watch them share such a special moment with each other.








Paige’s choice:

Picture this: a classy evening with a beautiful bride and a groom, featuring Spiderman, an ape, a cow, and many more friends. This was my favorite moment from Molly and Taylor’s wedding in September.








The groom, who serves in the military, got decked out in an American flag suit for the reception and his friends complimented his fun outfit choice with their own costumes. To say they were a ‘fun’ group is an understatement.

Photos by David & Sarah

Of course we have plenty of other moments from 2017 that we absolutely loved! We had such a blast helping all of our 2017 bride and grooms with their special day and we can’t wait to continue doing so in 2018. Thank you to everyone for celebrating your story with us!


These wonderful images were taken by David & Sarah! Please check out their beautiful work on Instagram @davidandsarahlynn and on Facebook at David & Sarah

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